Cookies and Biscuits

Santo António Factory launched its production with Maria, Petit-Beurre, and Ginger biscuits, packaged in large tin foil boxes adorned with vibrant labels. Today, the company preserves its traditional methods, using antique machinery to add unique flavor and charm to the products. 

The biscuit range has proven to be a hit in our store, with a diverse array of shapes and flavors.

Discover the classic and aromatic Sugar cane syrup, shortbread, Paciencias, and Cavacas biscuits in our Traditional range. Our Superior Quality Fine biscuit range offers a variety of flavors including Ginger, Sugar cane syrup, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Choc&Coffee, Oats and Chocolate, Coconut&Cherry, and many more, all expertly crafted daily at Fabrica Santo António.