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The real flavour of Madeira’s tradition

our manufacture

The meticulous selection of top-notch ingredients is at the root of Santo António Factory. We believe this is what sets us apart, enabling us to maintain superior quality in the production of our entire product line.

We preserve the traditional manufacturing process in the production of our century-old recipe cookies, fine biscuits in their various shapes, sugar cane Syrup cake, our quince paste, jams and candies, as we believe this special care and dedication is the secret to create unique and special products, lasting for generations.

Our Manufacture - Superior Quality

Madeira’s Sugar Cane Syrup Cake

Traditionally is cut by hand into chunky pieces.

The Madeira’s Sugarcane Syrup Cake is a standout delicacy of Madeiran cuisine and a true representation of the island’s sweets. Made by hand,  it features decadent ingredients like sugarcane syrup, candied citron, almonds, walnuts, and spices like cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

It’s a must-have in Madeiran homes during the festive season and is typically prepared on December 8th in honor of Our Lady of Conception. In the factory we produced all year round and is a very popular choice among tourists when visiting.

Cookies and Biscuits

The factory produces a wide range of Cookies and Biscuits.

Santo António Factory launched its production with Maria, Petit-Beurre, and Ginger biscuits, packaged in large tin foil boxes adorned with vibrant labels. Today, the company preserves its traditional methods, using antique machinery to add unique flavor and charm to the products. 

The biscuit range has proven to be a hit in our store, with a diverse array of shapes and flavors.

Discover the classic and aromatic Sugar cane syrup, shortbread, Paciencias, and Cavacas biscuits in our Traditional range. Our Superior Quality Fine biscuit range offers a variety of flavors including Ginger, Sugar cane syrup, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Choc&Coffee, Oats and Chocolate, Coconut&Cherry, and many more, all expertly crafted daily at Fabrica Santo António.


Our sweets are 100% handmade

It is one of the most representative products of traditional Madeiran confectionery. When the island of Madeira was discovered, the current city of Funchal was abundant in fennel, which was even at the origin of the name of the city. It was through this abundance that this candy so characteristic of our island appeared over time.

Fábrica Santo António’s Traditional Sweets are produced 100% by hand, from rolling to cutting, hence their always irregular shape.

The best known is the Fennel candy, but over time the Eucalyptus candy appeared, and in the last decade the company launched flavors such as Ginger, Passion Fruit, Sugar Cane Honey, Bee Honey, Tangerine, Mango or Banana.

Regional Fruit Jams

The factory has been producing Quince paste (marmalade) since always…

Our marmalade/quince paste is a hit among customers due to its distinctive flavor and the option to buy in bulk, promoting sustainability by reducing packaging waste. 

Our Jam Collection is a tribute to Madeira’s unique fruits, including Wild blackberry, Strawberry, Surinam Cherry, Papaya, Banana, Passion fruit, Mango, and Tamarillo, available in tropical blends or single fruit versions. Made with family recipes and a high proportion of locally-sourced fruit, our jams are traditionally produced without any artificial coloring, preserving their authentic regional flavor.